Healthee is like an MOT for your body.

You get a clear and detailed picture of your current state of health as well as access to the best expert medical advice. Launching 2012. Learn more...

A simple, affordable health check.

Many cases of disease exist and if remain undiagnosed can seriously affect our quality of life. Diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, thyroid problems, arthritic factors, and other health related conditions can all be identified by a suitable health check, and then corrected or improved through a simple course of treatment.

NHS GP's are not obliged to perform diagnostic tests on demand, but can order specific tests only after patients develop worrying symptoms. NHS yearly health checks are only available to patients over 75 - everyone else has to pay to have their cholesterol profile and haemoglobin levels monitored.

We are working with established medical practices across London to offer a simple and affordable medical examination that will provide a clear and detailed picture of your current state of health. Why Healthee?

Why Healthee?